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“KATKOM” Ltd. was founded in 2015. Company specialises is water jet cutting. We offer high-quality, wide-profile water jet cutting services. Each order is important to us, so we try to ensure an individual approach to each customer by accepting ready-made customer orders and drawings for the desired project, as well as by giving consultations and helping to find the best solution depending on the purpose of the order, and the wishes and needs of the customer! Our main goals are to fulfil our client orders with high quality by taking into account deadlines. We can offer the best price in the market and flexible payment terms.

We work with Water Jet Sweden waterjet cutting machine with three cutting heads. With this technology it is possible to cut any material of literaly any type according to two dimensional drawing with straight or curved cutting lines. Techinal Specifications:

  • Maximum X axis length: 3000 mm
  • Maximum Y axis width: 2000 mm
  • Maximum Z axis height: 200 mm

Water jet cutting or Hydro abrasive cutting – a unique type of cutting, in which a very high-pressure water jet is combined with an abrasive, sand-like material, each grain of which is sharp and ridged, so as a result of this combination, a material of any hardness and complexity can be cut!

Metal cutting

Cutting all kinds of metal and metal sheets. Different type of shapes and holes in aluminium and steel – alloy, stainless, low alloy and hardened; ferrous metal, copper, titanium, etc. Water-jet cutting method in this case will be appropriate for the cutting of a variety of fine and complex parts and shapes.

Stone cutting

We make various cuts and parts in various shapes from stone. We are cutting stone bases for further construction works, for example – table tops, stair steps, etc., stone plates, stone monuments and decorative elements of different types of stone, ceramic, marble and granite of various composition. The quality provided by water jet cutting is so high that stone does not require any post-processing – after processing with a water jet the edges will look as polished!

Tile cutting

We can cut tiles in a wide range of complex shapes, we cut cable holes in tiles and holes for wall socket installation.

Rubber cutting

We cut gaskets in various shapes, sealing materials, rubber fasteners and parts for any needs.

Plastic cutting

We cut plastic in different shapes and sizes for any use. At a special request, it is also possible to cut various decorative elements, templates, toys and souvenirs from plastic.

Glass cutting

We perform cutting of all types of glass, except toughened glass. Glass sheet cutting in straight angles, glass cutting in different shapes, mirror cutting, tabletop surface cutting, glass shelf construction cutting, cutting of stair elements, cutting of various decorative templates.

Wood cutting

Although water jet cutting is more suitable for cutting of more complex materials with higher hardness, it can be used to cut wood, for example, plywood and chipboards. When choosing the water-jet cutting to cut wood, it is recommended for the wood to be as hard and evenly dense as possible to prevent the necessity to polish edges after the cutting.


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